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Updated: 16 Jun 2024

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Gershman Acoustics Studio II Loudspeakers
Gershman Studio II speakers are accredited with unsurpassed transparency, accuracy, neutrality and musicality. Most of the studio monitors these days lack the full range capability of producing higher frequencies as well as the low frequencies. The Gershman Studio II are full range Studio Monitors that will provide the entire frequency range, therefore, eliminating the need of using a subwoofer which cannot be fully integrate with speakers. Made out of 1″thick HDF, curved which further contributes to better imaging and unbelievable, 3D soundstage.

* Frequency response 28Hz-24 KHz
* Sensitivity 87 dB
* Impedance 6 Ohms
* Recommended power 70w-500w
* Weight 50 lb
* Height 17 “
* Width 10″
* Depth 14″
* Woofers – 8″
* 1” soft dome tweeter

This pair is BRAND NEW and only taken out of the box for photo taking. Comes with magnetic grills and original shipping boxes. Retail price is currently SGD 6500. Stands are not included.

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Gershman Acoustics Studio II Loudspeakers
 Retail Price: $6,500
Price (SGD): $2,500
Aesthetix Rhea Signature Phono Stage
Rhea is an all-tube phono stage, suitable for moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.It offers high maximum gain at 75 dB, making it ideal for low output cartridges.

Rhea broke new ground as the first phono stage with 3 phono inputs, the first with gain and loading settings stored in memory for every input, and the first with full remote control adjustability. Dual-mono audio boards provide superb channel separation and soundstaging. A cartridge demagnetizer is a built-in convenience that can also be operated by remote control.

In near mint condition, comes with remote control. Upgraded with 10 pcs NOS Telefunken tubes valued at more than $2000.

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Aesthetix Rhea Signature Phono Stage
Price (SGD): $5,900
TS Lim Diva 6550 Power Amplifier
This is a pure tube SE power amplifier outputting 14 watts per channel in Pure Class A. Produced by esteemed designer Mr. TS Lim. Tube compliment: 6SN7 x 1 pair, 6550 x 1 pair. In pristine condition and looks like new!

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TS Lim Diva 6550 power amplifier
Price (SGD): $1,200
Xiang Sheng 708B Tube Headphone Amp/Pre Amplifier
708B is a tube headphone amplifier that can also be used as a tube pre-amplifier.

With an excellent circuit and sophisticated components, the 708B amplifier delivers superior performance in sound quality and tone. Through practical audition, this amplifier proves to be dynamic, highly analytical, with clear and refreshing treble, and a pleasant overall experience. The mid-frequency range is full and rich in voice, while the low-frequency response is full and flexible.

Technical Specification:

• Output Tube : rectifier 6Z4x1, driver 6N11 x 2, 6N3 x1
• Input Impedance : 100k ohms (HIFI EXQUIS co limited)
• Preamp output impedance : 600 ohms ;
• Headphone output impedance :32 - 600 ohms ( recommended use high impedance headphones )
• Harmonic Distortion : less than 0.01%
• Headphone amp output power :
- 500mW x2 (32 ohm) (HIFI EXQUIS co limited)
- 300mW x2 (300 ohm)
- 250mW x2 (600 ohm)
• Frequency: 20Hz-30KHz +/-1db
• Signal/Noise Ratio : 89dB
• Input Jack : 2 pairs
• Output Jack : 1 pair
• Size Dimension : Width 180mm x Height 80mm x Depth 270mm
• Voltage is switchable for 115 and 230V.
Xiang Sheng 708B Tube Headphone Amp/Pre Amplifier
Price (SGD): $180
Reimyo DAP-999EX
Reimyo DAP-999EX, a high-purity digital-to-analog converter unparalleled and unprecedented performance in its class bring you exquisite sound you have never ever experienced before. Employs Japan Victor’s K2 technology 24bit DAC IC, rigid constructed all aluminum body, custom design parts including transformers and condensers, special made super purity and ultra high-speed signal transmission internal wiring, original design tuning feet addition to our oriented and our rigorous study over the digital behave let you excite and invite you to a new level in music listening!

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Reimyo DAP-999EX
 Retail Price: $13,500
Price (SGD): $4,900
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Sun Audio SV-2A3
The Sun Audio SV-2A3 is the epitome of a very minimalist design, which conforms to the "less-is-better" rule of hi-fi. It utilizes Tamura transformers that are held in very high regard by audiophiles, and are part of some of the best transformers available. The internal layout is carefully designed and exceptionally neat, a real testament to Sun Audio's effort.

Eminently musical and involving, the Sun Audio SV-2A3 is a superb amplifier for horn-loaded speakers and other higher sensitivity designs.

This unit is the latest version with silver-anodised faceplate. It has also been upgraded by the local dealer with very expensive Black Gate electrolytic capacitors for the power supply, and REL caps for the signal stage. Just a single Heart-of-Muse electrolytic capacitor at the rear costs around $500 if you can get it! The speaker terminals have also been upgraded to heavy brass 5-way binding posts. All tubes have also been upgraded from standard.
In near mint condition!

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Sun Audio SV-2A3
Price (SGD): $2,550
SAEC WE-407/23 Tonearm
A tone arm with a small double knife edge. Uses a double knife edge that is a bearing system with no diameter and resistance.

In the WE-407/23, the processing accuracy has been improved, and the ultra-high accuracy of ± 1/500mm or less has been realized. In addition, the miniaturization of the double knife edge has been succeeded by the latest high-precision processing technology and the hand processing which can be called craftsmanship, and the flexibility of high-compliance lightweight cartridge has been obtained.

The arm pipe uses a highly rigid light alloy pipe with a special treatment to thoroughly suppress the pipe squeal characteristic of metals.

The main weight uses a helicoid type that allows accurate needle pressure application and has a built-in damping mechanism that absorbs external vibration transmitted from the arm bearing.

• Overall length: 311mm (maximum 321mm)
• Effective length: 221mm
• Overhang: 12mm
• Offset angle: 18 degrees
• Stylus pressure: 0 to 4g
• Tracking error: 0 at innermost groove of record
• Applicable weight range of cartridge/headshell: 6 to 33g
• Headshell: ULS-2X (9.5g)

In excellent condition and works perfectly, with original box, and all accessories. Packaged with upgraded Ortofon tonearm cable. A genuine collector's item!
SAEC WE-407/23 tonearm
Price (SGD): $1,200
Acoustic Energizer AE300
The Acoustic Energizer can effectively reduce energy loss during the transmission process, enabling sound transmission with high clarity over distance. With Acoustic Energizer, you won’t miss a thing! Low, mid, and high frequencies are all retained in perfect harmony. Now, orchestra, choir, vocalist, actor, performer, all can be benefit from this revolutionary device. Every nuance, every breath are directed to our auditory nerves. Feel the shock of the high-definition acoustic effect with Acoustic Energizer.

Features include:

• Built-in special designed protonic battery pack with 3 year warranty
• Protonic Battery can be purchased for replacement separately
• Portable: no adjustment or installation is required
• On-Off switch, convenient for comparing results
• Color: grey

In as new condition, with battery and original box. 2 units available.

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Acoustic Energizer AE300
 Retail Price: $1,690
Price (SGD): $750
Audio Research VT-60
50 watts minimum continuous from 20Hz to 20kHz. 1kHz total harmonic distortion typically 1% at 50 watts, below .05% at 1 watt. Approximate actual power available at "clipping": 52 watts (1kHz) (Note that the actual RMS power output is dependent upon both line voltage and "condition" ie: if power line has high distortion, maximum power will be affected adversely, although from a listening standpoint this is not very critical.)

POWER BANDWIDTH: (-3dB points) 15Hz to 40kHz

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: (-3dB points at 1 watt) 3Hz to 40 kHz

INPUT SENSITIVITY: 1.05V RMS for rated output

INPUT IMPEDANCE: 100K ohms unbalanced

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Audio Research VT-60
Price (SGD): $1,900
RGPC 400 Pro II Power Line Conditioner
The RGPC 400 Pro II retains its original Parallel Power performance, and its compact design fits conveniently behind an equipment rack.

To receive the maximum performance install the RGPC 400 Pro II as close as possible to the AV equipment. The RGPC 400 Pro II utilizes Balanced Surge Protection Design (SPD) to ensure Bidirectional Protection and Reduced Ground Interference.

Features & Benefits:
• High current on demand
• Balanced AC surge protection
• Resettable circuit breaker
• Compact design
• Compatible with UL1449 3rd edition for Type 3 locations
• Indicator lights

Comes with power cord with 20A IEC connector.
RGPC 400 Pro II Power Line Conditioner
Price (SGD): $500