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Updated: 26 Feb 2024

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Shunyata Zitron Alpha Digital 1.75m (Sold)
Shunyata founder Caelin Gabriel designed the Alpha Digital to reduce the noise floor on all types of digital electronics, whether digital audio or video. It renders unmistakable improvement on digital players, DACs, Class-D amps, Blu-ray players, audio and video servers, and all other digital and video gear. The first and only power cable to act as a power-line conditioner on its own, the Alpha Digital Power Cord will simply leave you with your jaw on the floor.

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Shunyata Zitron Alpha Digital 1.75m
Constellation Audio Virgo 2 (Sold)
One of the core technologies that make Constellation Audio products so extraordinary is this unique module, which is designed to deliver a more perfect match between the positive- and negative-going halves of the audio signal than conventional balanced preamplifiers can. The result is greater detail, incredible depth and a sound that comes that much closer to the perfectly natural tonality one experiences at a live event.

Because the Line Stage Gain Module employs fully complementary balanced circuitry, with the signal amplified by two “mirror-imaged” preamp circuits, it cancels interference, reduces noise to the vanishing point, and achieves an exceptional slew rate with frequency response out to 200 kilohertz.

In excellent condition, with original box and remote control.

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MSB Select 2 DAC (Sold)
With eight Hybrid DACs, the Select DAC produces an unmatched level of detail. It reproduces the musicality, soundstage, and texture of the original performance, bringing the artist to you. A fully balanced, ultra-high precision, discrete ladder DAC architecture ensures each note tells a story. Additionally, MSB’s robust in-house design enables the finest quality playback of PCM and native DSD, while our low impedance circuitry drives your amplification directly without adding coloration or buffering noise. The end result is a digital experience defying expectations.

This unit comes with the top spec Femto 33 clock, a separate stereo power supply and in custom gold finish. Includes remote control, cables and original flight cases.

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MSB Select 2 DAC
Constellation Audio Centaur Stereo (Sold)
Rather than bulking up the Centaur by simply adding more transistors – and losing the delicious subtleties and microdynamics for which smaller, simpler amplifiers are treasured – Constellation Audio’s “dream team” of engineers decided on a different approach. First, we built a superb-sounding 125-watt single-ended amplifier. Then we designed it as a module so that we could achieve any desired power rating by simply adding more modules. The resulting 250-watt-per-channel stereo amplifier sounds exactly like that original 125-watt single-ended amplifier, just twice as powerful.

Like the Hercules, Constellation Audio’s top-of-the-line Reference series amplifier, the Centaur uses a balanced drive design, a unique, fully complementary circuit topology that achieves an essentially perfect balance between the positive and negative halves of an audio signal. Thus, an ideal balance – and the best possible fidelity – is achieved.

In excellent condition, with original box.

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Constellation Audio Centaur Stereo
ATC SCM-50 ASL (Sold)
The SCM50 ASL (active) are designed to perform at their best in the recording studio or at home with the finest quality hi-fi equipment.

The monitors’ ability to reproduce music and speech with phenomenal accuracy, transparency and dynamics lies mainly in the SM75-150S soft dome midrange driver. However, recent modifications that include the new ATC SH25-76S tweeter and enhanced port profile have brought about further improvements to all performance parameters.

Like the HF, mid and bass drivers, all electronics are designed and manufactured in-house to create a no-compromise active system.

This pair has been sent to the ATC factory in the UK for full upgrading and is the current latest version. We have invoices to prove this.

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Silbatone S.E.A. represents the following brands: Silbatone Acoustics, PS Audio, Audio Solutions, Audience, Bryston, Reed, Kronos, Gershman Acoustics, Audio Philar, My Sonic Lab, G.I.P. Laboratory and Flux Hifi.
Bryston BP-17³ Stereo Preamplifier (Sold)
The Bryston BP17³ is the first component from Bryston to use our patented low distortion Salomie circuit at both the input and output stage. This new technology is remarkable in its ability to render even miniscule details with breath-taking clarity and lifelike scale. As a fully featured preamp, the BP-17³ is the centrepiece of your stereo. Balanced and single ended analogue inputs can be used with virtually any source component.


* 5 Single Ended & 2 Balanced Analog Inputs
* Fully discrete Class A analog circuitry
* The patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers
* Standard and configurable XLR outputs
* Fixed and variable level RCA outputs
* Independent power supply for analog and digital circuits.
* Relay switching on all inputs
* Programmable home theater bypass
* Software control and balanced action volume control

Latest version in near mint condition. Ex-demo unit.

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Bryston BP-17³ Stereo Preamplifier
Kondo KSL-VzII XLR 1m Pair (Sold)
Know-how of over 30 years about silver structure, refinement and processing.
KSL technologies, a special skill of quality materials pursuit, was added to further improve sound quality.

Consists of 4 cores of pure age-annealed silver strands with braided shielding, totalling 152 strands in 2 diameters and terminated with proprietary pure silver RCA plugs.

The sound of silver can also express music with fully liveliness and sharpness.
In Audio Note Japan, the most importance of using silver is to truly reproduce music.

In mint condition, with original box and certificate.

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Kondo KSL-VzII XLR 1m pair
Chord Signature Reference Speaker Cables 3m (Sold)
Trickle-down tech from Chord’s flagship Sarum has birthed a ‘Reference’ version of its shielded Signature speaker cable.

Hand built to order, Chord’s latest Signature speaker cable looks like the original but features improved conductors and dielectrics and is a mite more flexible too!

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Chord Signature Reference speaker cables 3m
Shelter 411 MC Step-Up Transformer (Sold)
The Model 411 II is mono-functional stereo MC transformer to match with MC cartridges with internal impedance (DCR) of less than 15 ohm. The impedance tolerance is 25 ohms. The transformer is a toroidal design that applies the toroidal winding to 0.05mm thickness of supermalloy, layered ring-core. The core volume has an external diameter of 25mm, internal diameter of 16mm and height of 10mm. The termination of the wire is directly connected to in/out terminal. Therefore, the high efficiency of toroidal transformer realizes extremely low loss structure. It delivers the signal from the cartridge without coloration to the phono- terminal directly.

Model 411II is a modified version of Model 411 and it has 32dB of step-up ratio of approximately 40 times.

In absolutely mint condition, with original box.

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Shelter 411 MC Step-Up Transformer
Sun Audio SV-2A3 SET Power Amplifier (Sold)
The Sun Audio SV-2A3 is the epitome of a very minimalist design, which conforms to the "less-is-better" rule of hi-fi. It utilizes Tamura transformers that are held in very high regard by audiophiles, and are part of some of the best transformers available. The internal layout is carefully designed and exceptionally neat, a real testament to Sun Audio's effort.

Eminently musical and involving, the Sun Audio SV-2A3 is a superb amplifier for horn-loaded speakers and other higher sensitivity designs.

This unit is the latest version with silver-anodised faceplate. It has also been upgraded by the local dealer with very expensive Black Gate electrolytic capacitors for the power supply, and REL caps for the signal stage. The speaker terminals have also been upgraded to heavy brass 5-way binding posts. All tubes have also been upgraded from standard.
In near mint condition!

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Sun Audio SV-2A3 SET power amplifier