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TotalDac D1- Dual DAC with D1 Reclocker (Sold)
D1-dual is the internally fully balanced DAC of Totaldac.
A DSD (DoP) option is available for the USB, spdif and AES-EBU inputs.

"The D1-Dual DAC is one of the finest sounding DACs I've had the pleasure to live with and listen to.
So natural, so life-like, it leads you directly to the music being played with very little reminder that you are in fact listening through a hi-fi. Stunning."
Totaldac is the only brand mentioned 4 times in the Audiostream favourite short list.
Michael Lavorgna, AUDIOSTREAM (Stereophile)

The D1-digital reclocker uses the same technologies as the Totaldac DACs, especially the asynchronous fifo memory but the analog outputs have been replaced by digital outputs.
So it has multiple digital inputs, a 69bit volume control which can be used or not used and more interesting, it also has an internal clock which strongly attenuates the jitter of any digital source.
So the d1-digital reclocker can be associated to all available drives.
It can also be used as a USB to AES-EBU (or spdif) converter with very high sound quality.
DSD files (DoP standard) are accepted on the USB, spdif and AES-EBU inputs and then resent in DSD DoP format or transformed to pcm 176/24 to the spdif and AES-EBU outputs.

Both units in excellent condition, with separate PSU and remote controls.

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TotalDac D1- Dual DAC with D1 Reclocker