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Harbeth Monitor 30.1 35th Anniversary Edition (Sold)
The new Monitor 30.1 loudspeaker features a new, RADIAL2 mid/bass drive unit; a new, top quality SEAS tweeter (as used on the flagship M40.1); and a redesigned crossover. There is now a more open sound, a smoother response with greater, more even dispersion which means less critical stand height and a more involving listener experience.

The original Monitor 30 was unveiled in 1997 as successor to the BBCs medium-sized studio monitor loudspeaker, the LS5/9. It has remained in demand ever since. No other Harbeth model has been unchanged and in continuous production for as long. This validates the integrity of the original design.

In absolutely mint condition! Original boxes included, but no stands.

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Harbeth Monitor 30.1 35th Anniversary Edition