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Entreq Tellus II Infinity Ground Box with Eartha Ground Cables (Sold)
The original Tellus II was a very flexible ground box, It had 3 posts on all of which were completely isolated from one another, which makes it incredibly flexible to use within a system. The 2 outside ground posts on the original Tellus 2 were Silver Minimus and the centre post was a Silver Minimus with an Atlantis Minimus integrated into it (think of it as a turbocharged Silver Minimus).

The Tellus II Infinity follows the same concept, there are still 3 posts and there are all independent to one other, but on this version, the 2 outside posts are Silver Minimus Infinity and the centre post is now a single Olympus Ten!

In mint condition and looks like new. Packaged with 5 pcs Eartha Infinity Ground Cables. Original box also included.

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Entreq Tellus II Infinity Ground Box with Eartha ground cables