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Audience AU24 SX AES/EBU Digital Cable 1.5m (Sold)
Au24 SX audio cables represent the biggest transformation in cable performance ever achieved by Audience. They are notably more transparent, dynamic, more resolved and have greater weight and authority which users find immediately noticeable. There are many reasons for the improvement, including the use of purer OCC copper (now six nines) and higher quality XLPE dielectric insulation as well as tweaking of geometry as compared to the historic lines of Au24 cables. Audience double cryogenically treats all SX cables in their in-house cryo-lab. Each component part of the cable is individually treated, then, after the cables are assembled and tested, the complete cable is cryo treated. This is process is called CRYO².

Au24 SX cables, like all previous Au24 cables, are low mass and low eddy current resistance designs with minimal jacketing materials. They retain natural timing and timbre thus recreating original sound fields like no other cables.

In as new condition, with original box. Still current model.

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Audience AU24 SX AES/EBU Digital Cable 1.5m