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Accuphase A-50 Power Amplifier (Sold)
Like other Accuphase amps, the A-50 is remarkable for both its highly advanced circuit engineering and the high quality of the components used in its construction. The A-50 is impressive, offering pure Class A operation, with huge and well-designed heat sinks to effectively bring off heat from the amp’s circuitry, and a power MOS-FET circuit in the parallel push-pull output stage (known for its great sound characteristics in amps). By virtue of these engineering feats, as well as a host of others, the sound quality provided by the A-50 is nothing short of exceptional, with immediate transients and superb transparency and detail. It can be operated in mono (bridged) mode as well.

In excellent physical condition, inside and out. Fully tested and certified in perfect working condition.

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Accuphase A-50 power amplifier