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Nordost Valhalla Power Cord 20A 2m (Sold)
Valhalla Power Cord sets the same benchmark standard in its category as the other Valhalla
cables do in theirs. But thanks to the application of our latest dual micro mono-fi lament technology
it enjoys an even bigger margin of performance over the competition.
The cable consists of 7 solid 16 AWG OFC conductors each suspended in a dual micro mono-fi lament matrix. The separate, silver coated solid core conductors eliminate strand interaction, hot spots and carbonization, which can occur in stranded cables, ensuring optimum performance. Unlike conventional power cables, which have propagation speeds of less than 50% the speed of light, Valhalla Reference power cord has a speed of 90% the speed of light.

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award Winner!

Guaranteed genuine and certified by local distributor. New retail $4900 for 2m length. This version comes factory-terminated with a 20A IEC connector.

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Nordost Valhalla power cord 20A 2m