Pre-owned Product
Parasound Halo P5 Preamp (Sold)
Audiophile quality preamp with built-in DAC and dedicated output for subwoofer.


*Burr-Brown PCM1798 DAC with USB, Optical and Coax inputs
*Coax and optical accept all sampling rates up to 192 kHz, 24-bit
*USB accepts up to 96 kHz, 24-bit
*Incoming jitter on all three digital inputs is significally attenuated with an effective clock recovery system
*Analog Bass management with high and low pass crossovers
*Home theater bypass input for surround sound integration
*Front panel subwoofer level control
*5 RCA line level inputs
*1 XLR balanced input (parallels Input 5 RCA jacks)
*Phono input for MM & MC cartridges with 100 Ohm or 47k Ohm load
*Front panel Aux input with automatic +12 dB gain stage
*Balanced XLR and RCA left and right outputs

In excellent condition, with fully functional remote control.

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Parasound Halo P5 preamp