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Tellurium Q Ultra Black Speaker Cable 2.5m (Sold)
Tellurium Ultra Black is the cable they wanted to make from day one. TQ told their UK distributor what to expect as they handed them a prototype that looked more like a fireman's hose and less like a sonic phenomena. They glanced at the heavy, stiff and it has to be said ugly brown experiment. "Yes, well we will give it a go and take it to a few dealers to see what they think". Later that day Tellurium got a phone call from their disbelieving UK distributors at Kog Audio, "what the hell is in it? We've never heard anything like this!".

That may be the reason that although their little company has only just appeared on the HiFi scene, they have immediately been awarded 5 Globes for an entire speaker cable range, awarded cables of the year for the ENTIRE cable range by HiFi Plus magazine and again product of the year by HIFi World in their Jan 2011 edition. All in the first 12 months!

In excellent condition, with original box

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Tellurium Q Ultra Black speaker cable 2.5m