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Herzan TS-140 Active Vibration Control Table (Sold)
The TS Series vibration isolation systems from Herzan deliver sub-hertz active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom.

The TS Series has a simple 'plug and play' design that enables researchers to focus on the key research application. The stiffness of the system provides better directional and positional stability, thereby ensuring a controlled and stable measuring environment.

The main features of the TS Series vibration isolation systems are:

*Easy integration
*LCD display provides real time results
*Plug and play system
*Complete isolation performance
*No installation or maintenance required
*Advanced piezoelectric sensory technology delivers excellent isolation performance
*Sub-hertz active vibration isolation across all *six degrees of freedom

"So my TS 140 arrived today and I have listened to an Orchestral piece so far. To say the change is nothing short of dramatic would be an understatement. The improvement in clarity, transparency is stunning. The soundstage has widened and deepened considerably. With active isolation disabled, the table functions as a passive device like a vibraplane. The improvement was apparent is passive mode. Active brings it to a new level." - owner comments

In mint condition and looks like new! Comes with original box. Very rare on the 2nd hand market.

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Herzan TS-140 Active Vibration Control Table