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Manger P1 Loudspeaker (Sold)
The p1 differ from conventional loudspeakers. Instead of a conventional midrange and tweeter, a chassis is responsible for all frequencies from the lower midrange to the very highest tones - the star-shaped Manger sound transducer.
In addition to its bandwidth, the handcrafted Manger sound transducer impresses with its natural sound quality and the authentic reproduction, a basic requirement for faithfully reproducing the filigree string play of a violin or the temporal interplay of an orchestra.

Quality down to the smallest element - this maxim runs like a red thread through the p1.

First-class components in the crossover guarantee maximum fidelity. Cross-section cables ensure loss-free signal transfer. The connection terminals, WBT nextgen™ speaker sockets, are of exquisite quality and easily accessible. Loudspeaker cables with banana plugs or cable lugs find permanent, secure contact. The Manger cf1 loudspeaker feet made of precision plastic ensure stable contact with the ground and, at the same time, convenient fine adjustment. Last but not least, the chassis and the connection terminal are precisely embedded in the body via long-term stable threaded screws. Uncompromising quality that you can see, feel and hear.

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Manger p1 loudspeaker