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Thorens TD-550 Turntable with TA-210 Tonearm (Sold)
The TD-550 is the previous flagship turntable from Thorens. The concept behind the TD 550 was to develop Thorens` classic suspended chassis design to its ultimate expression, with emphasis firmly on sonic performance and luxurious design.

The TD-550 is a true heavyweight turntable, with 6.3kg platter, and provides a combination of the best assets of high mass and suspension isolation to the benefit of sound quality.

The TA-210 tonearm is the 12" version of their new range of arms with special resonance damping.

In brand new condition and never used! Only taken out for photo taking. Comes complete with acrylic cover and all accessories.

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Thorens TD-550 turntable with TA-210 tonearm