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KRELL Duo 300 Power Amp (Sold)
The high-efficiency Krell Duo 300 stereo power amplifier is made for music lovers that will accept nothing less than rich, prodigious, room-filling sound that rivals what can be experienced at life-changing concerts. Capable of outputting 300 watts per channel, this cutting-edge instrument effortlessly drives and controls any pair of loudspeakers.

Equipped with cutting-edge iBias circuitry, Duo 300 performs as a reference-setting Class A component but runs cool, consumes less energy, and eliminates crossover distortion all the while operating the output transistors at requisite full power. Independent complementary pre-driver and driver stages, a fully complementary and balanced signal path, 750VA toroidal transformer, and front-panel digital display come standard.

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KRELL Duo 300 Power Amp