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Audio Note DAC3.1x/II Balanced (Sold)
The Audio Note (UK) DAC3.1x Digital to Analogue converter has been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfils all Audio Note (UK) Level 3 criteria: -

​*Valve rectification

*Materials and component quality

The DAC3.1x/II Balanced features an upgraded version of the classic Audio Note (UK) Line preamplifier output stage, using a pair of ECC82 / 5814a double triode valves. This is coupled to an output transformer, wound with Audio Note (UK) copper wire.

Internal component quality is of extremely high quality. Audio Note (UK) Copper Foil capacitors and high quality resistors are used in key areas throughout the circuit. Analogue stage filter inductors and internal wiring are all produced with our own Audio Note (UK) wire.

Still current model, and in near mint condition.

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Audio Note DAC3.1x/II Balanced