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Transfiguration Proteus MC Cartridge (Sold)
The Proteus features push-pull damping, with the existing model sporting double dampers made from a specially developed stabilising compound. The latter is insensitive to temperature changes and provides excellent stylus/coil alignment and control. In the new model, the dampers have been further fine-tuned. While the detail of their make-up is a closely-guarded secret, they now feature a multi-layered design composed of different types of elastomer, painstakingly constructed to deliver an even more precise tracking ability.

The results speak for themselves. “The new enhanced Proteus really goes to work on detail,” says Yoshioka. “It presents a larger soundstage, increased depth and more natural tonal colours – and ultimately, most important, an even more musically involving presentation.”

Lightly used and still in excellent condition, and with plenty of playing hours left. Please note, photos show it housed in a 3rd party presentation box as it does not come with the original packing. Screws and other accessories are provided. A steal at this new reduced price!

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Transfiguration Proteus MC cartridge