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Audio Note DAC 4 Signature (Sold)
The iconic Audio Note DAC 4 Signature is a legend amongst those audiophiles in the know, and considered to be one of the most musical DACs of all time! For those who value the CD medium and want to extract the utmost from this format, there is really no substitute, regardless of price!

Features a non-oversampling design with tube output stage, and with individual power supplies (some of which are tube rectified and chock regulated) for the various sections.

Generous use of tantalum-foil resistors, Blackgate electrolytic caps, ANUK pure silver internal wiring and upgraded with the latest Copper-foil, Mylar-in-oil signal capacitors. Digital inputs also upgraded to WBT Next-GEN SPDIF connectors.

In excellent condition!

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Audio Note DAC 4 Signature