Pre-owned Product
SAT-3KV Isolation Transformer (Sold)
This is the ultimate statement in power conditioning technology, providing extremely low-impedance, high-current conditioning for power-demanding high-end audio and visual devices. The separation of electric circuits of audio equipment from the mains power keeps them away from electrical noise and electric shocks.

• 3000 VA (13 Amps) power output
• 4 pairs of top-quality duplex outlet
• Extra thick gold-plated outlet and IEC male with cryogenic treatment
• 12 AWG solid-core copper used in internal wiring
• Equipped with hi-end compensation capacitors
• A special compensation circuit is used to enhance the flow of electricity
• 15 amp circuit breaker with cryogenic treatment
• 8 mm thick aluminum-alloy chassis

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SAT-3KV Isolation Transformer