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PATHOS Frontiers Prime (Sold)
The Frontiers Prime are bipolar speakers consisting of an assembly of 3 dedicated modules. The bass compartment hosts two 210mm woofers with in-house developed cones plus doubled front-firing reflex port. The mid-woofer and tweeter compartment takes from the bass at 200Hz (4000Hz respectively) with 165mm mid-woofer and neodymium tweeter) and radiates into the back of the speaker, on top of that not horizontally but in an upward firing angled plane. The same set (mid-woofer plus tweeter) is used for front radiation and is housed in a module that can be rotated horizontally. By toeing in and out the module a listener can adjust upper frequencies to his or her taste or to number of listeners.

"when it comes to the natural musical reproduction Pathos Acoustics Frontiers Prime is the grand example of how things should be done and who music should sound. Period!"

In showroom condition and looks like new! Original speaker spikes provided.

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PATHOS Frontiers Prime