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AFA WGFX-SLIM Power Cord 1.5m UK (Sold)
What makes AFA cables special?

Each cable is hand-built from Hybrid Alloy, using solder-less joints by skilled craftsmen.

• Hybrid Allow - developed for low-loss signal transmission

• S-less - improve conductivity at connector

• Individually hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen

AFA cables are constructed with a special blend of hybrid alloys that offer better sound conductivity - the best way to try them is to listen.

WGFX-SLIM is AFA's slimline series of power cords designed for greater flexibility and use in tighter spaces. Also high current rated.

In brand new condition, with original carry case. UK version with UK-type 3-pin plug
AFA WGFX-SLIM power cord 1.5m UK